Bag Returns


All Bag Returns must be with the club secretary by 20th March – – this is to comply with Natural England and is not optional!
S.H.A.J.C. Bag Returns/Permits must be returned by March 1st to comply with Council rules. Non-compliance means you will be barred from having a permit next season & also possibly a fine.

Fill in your BAG RETURN here:  Link to Bag Return (MS Excel speadsheet format)

Click ‘Save’ and save it in your “My Documents” folder so you have it on your own computer and can complete it through the season then print it, or print it out now and write it up after each visit.
When you have saved it in “My Documents,” Right-Click on it and click “Send To” then select “Desktop (create shortcut)”

You need to contact the secretary at the end of each month during the season with your total number shot on the R.S.P.B. Marsh that month to comply with a request from the R.S.P.B.
The secretary’s phone number is 07772 773401 This number is monitored ! write it on your return for reference and ADD IT TO YOUR PHONE CONTACTS LIST NOW !

The email address for BAG RETURNS is

You should be able to start a new email to the address above and add the bag return file as an attachment.
For members who have not been on any marsh this season please phone the secretary and let him know this, you will not need to use a bag return sheet.
Blank Bag Returns can also be collected from the treasurer. If you know of a member who is not Online please click the Bag Return link, open up a new Return and print it off for him.

Happy Wildfowling